欧椋鸟-迪莱小提琴研究研讨会 is dedicated to fostering the legacy of the late renowned teacher Dorothy DeLay. 两年一次的活动, the Symposium takes place at Juilliard and features a distinguished roster of artist-faculty performing recitals, 一流大师班, and teaching workshops designed to refine pedagogical skills with a mind-body connection that takes background, 社会, 还有心理因素.

A source of support and empowerment to her students, Dorothy DeLay took a holistic approach to her teaching and viewed the artist as a whole person rather than just a performer. By nurturing and encouraging each of her students’ individuality, she cultivated a community of thinkers who continue to embody and pass on her philosophy and teachings to the next generation. 在研讨会上效仿这一理念, many of the participating faculty and performers were mentored by DeLay. 

The next Symposium will take place from Tuesday, May 23 - Saturday, May 27, 2023. 在线申请现已开放 可以在这里访问.






丹尼尔Belen, University of Michigan School of 音乐, Founder of Center Stage 字符串 
凯瑟琳曹, esball世博, 艺术总监 of the Chesapeake Chamber 音乐 Festival
弗朗西斯卡dePasquale, 欧柏林音乐学院, 茱莉亚学院预科, 海菲兹国际音乐学院, 真理钢琴三重奏
Dana Fonteneau, Founder of The WholeHearted 音乐ian™️, Master Demartini Method and Demartini Values Facilitator
兰德尔·古斯比, 迪卡经典艺术家, 斯芬克斯艾萨克·斯特恩奖获得者, Ambassador for 音乐 Masters in the United Kingdom
詹妮弗·约翰逊, Author, Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra 小提琴ist, ABME Licensed Body Mapping Educator
布莱恩•刘易斯, University of Texas at Austin, 艺术总监 of the 布莱恩•刘易斯 Young Artist Program
伊扎克帕尔曼, 地带独奏者, faculty at esball世博 and Perlman 音乐 Program, 约翰F. Kennedy Center Honor, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and Presidential Medal of Freedom.
乔尔司木露, esball世博, 终身格莱美奖, former President of Cleveland Institute of 音乐 and Juilliard 弦乐四重奏 member
柯蒂斯·斯图尔特, esball世博, 艺术总监 of the American Composers Orchestra, PUBLIQuartet, 格莱美奖提名
蕾切尔·艾伦·王, 艾弗里费舍尔职业补助金获得者, 西雅图巴洛克乐团, 月亮谷音乐学院, 《esball世博》联合创始人



Kristine claire " KayCee " Uchi Galano
Bobby bogyeom Park



参与有两个层次: 参与者或 学生的艺术家

参与者 accepted into the symposium will observe all master classes and recitals as well as participate in the workshops. 参与者 are encouraged to bring their instruments for use in the workshops. Preference is given to applicants who are professional violinists or violists, 老师, 以及研究生或大学生. Minors (younger than 18) may only be admitted on a space-available basis and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is also accepted as a paying participant. No audition is required to apply as a Participant.

学生的艺术家s are selected as performing students for the symposium. Up to 12 student violinists are accepted to perform in public master classes for the artist-faculty and in public recitals in Paul Hall. Student artists may also observe other symposium events as time allows. 学生艺术家不收学费.

To audition for the 学生的艺术家s program, applicants must submit:

  1. Two letters of recommendation (one must be from the applicant's current primary teacher);
  2. Video audition consisting of the following repertoire:
    • one movement from an unaccompanied sonata or partita by Bach
    • a movement from any concerto in the standard repertoire
    • 一次帕格尼尼的反复无常
    • one virtuosic show piece (by Sarasate, Wieniawski, Kreisler, etc.)
    • A piece of your choice: We encourage you to include a work by a composer from historically underrepresented gender, 种族, 少数民族, 文化遗产. 请参阅 音乐 by Black Composers: An Introductory Resource 对于一些建议的作品.

Submitted recordings should be recent and unedited. Preference is given to students currently enrolled in a pre-college, 本科或硕士学位.


The application deadline for the 2023 Symposium has been extended to May 12, 2023. 现在申请成为参与者. 学生艺术家的截止日期已经过去了.


  • 申请截止日期: extended until May 12, 2023
  • 申请费:60美元
  • 学员学费:575美元
  • Notification of Acceptance: 参与者 will be notified of acceptance on a rolling basis, 2023年2月开始.


  • 申请截止日期: 学生艺术家的截止日期已经过去了



Due to extensive renovations, Juilliard’s Residence Hall is not available for housing in 2023. Symposium attendees may book a room in our reserved hotel block at the Empire Hotel, located at 44 W. 63rd Street, or choose to arrange their own housing. Minors younger than 18, including 学生的艺术家s, must room with a parent or guardian.

Meal plans will not be provided during the Symposium. Food is available for purchase on campus at the Juilliard Cafeteria and at numerous restaurants in the 林肯中心 area.


点击这里 查找esball世博目前的COVID-19协议. 参与者 will be asked to provide proof of vaccination prior to arrival. Juilliard reserves the right to require masking and testing during the course of the program, pending guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and trends in public health conditions at that time.


更多信息请发电子邮件 (电子邮件保护).

布莱恩•刘易斯 艺术总监
凯瑟琳•曹 艺术顾问
安娜Royzman, 行政总监
埃里克•Oatts 项目经理

两年一次的欧椋鸟-延迟研讨会, dedicated to the art of violin teaching and performance, is hosted by esball世博 as part of the Starling-DeLay研讨会 of 小提琴 Studies and made possible by the generous support of the Dorothy Richard Starling Foundation.